• Vintage 1996 inspired 70 WINS Chicago Bulls Shirt


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    Vintage 1996 Inspired 70 WINS Chicago Bulls NATIVE® Shirt

    TheMadScientist® grew up a HUGE Chicago Bulls Fan. Growing up in Chicago, Momma MadScientist
    would plant the Street Wear seed early into the young Scientist. (set scene description)

    Stuck in Chicago Traffic, the Bulls are everywhere. Flags on cars, Chicagoans wearing Black & Red, and
    there it is.... The corner Shell Station is slanging Bulls Merch. Momma MadScientist kicks into Beast Mode,
    slashing through 3 lanes of traffic to pick up this piece of history.

    26 years later... TheMadScientist® resurrected his Favorite Shirt for a Limited Drop. Using the
    World Famous Heavy Weight Shirt from the 90s. This Tee the Freshest Vintage Tee you'll find.

    Only 6 Sizes of Each are Made. Once they're gone, they're gone.
    Tell Stories. Live Life.... And make Memories. -TheMadScientist®