• AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM - "Instagram Model Tee"


    (Yes, I'm for real)

    We've all seen your perfectly filtered photos... The "in traffic angle"... The sunshine behind your head while sipping a half melted mocha frappuccino. We get it, you've perfected the art of selfies. But here's your chance at becoming a real model! Here are the Rules:

    1. Buy this SUPER soft Tee from The Native Brand.

    2. Get all cute and throw on your new FAVORITE Tee.

    3.Snap a Selfie, doing whatever you do to make that perfect Selfie. Starbucks, Sunsets, Traffic, Zoo Animals... Whatever, you know what you're doing.

    4. Upload it to Instagram & Hashtag #TheNativeBrand #InstagramModel #FacebookModel

    5. Sit back in your new Super Soft Native Brand Tee, and watch those likes come in.

    We will choose a winner based on how you incorporate the Tee in the Selfie, as well as the amount of likes. (don't let that discourage you) The WINNER will receive a Drawer Full of Native Brand Gear! And because we Love of our Fans, we will be randomly selecting orders and throwing in FREE gifts! Whaaaaaaat (Minion Voice)

    Add @TouchMeTees on Instagram. For future Prizes

    We've created the World's Softest Tee. All images, lettering and photos on our Tees are 100% Sublimation. This means there is ZERO feel. The inside tag, the chest... everything feels like you're wearing a blank shirt, no matte how many colors.

    This is a Tri-Blend College Grey Tee.

    Please specify Mens or Womens, the cuts are completely different.

    (add a personal 1OAK Vintage Cut from the owner of the company for an additional $17)